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Originally Posted by Leakey View Post
Thanks for the comments. I'm more than happy with what I've seen. Maybe you doubters can check up with the rare birds breeding panel at the end of the season. They should at least be able to confirm that there are a number of Honeys in Wales this year. As for the ringer I'm mid Wales he also put a transmitter on one Honey in North Wales it returned next season then died as did the one from South Wales.
I really don't give a toss wether you believe me or not just par for the course from you arm chair critics. Get out and look . There's an advertised spot in S Wales get your egos and cameras there then come back and post your pics. If you can't see them there stick to migration routes where you can't miss them lol
What a ridiculous response! This has the usual knee-jerk haul-marks of someone who doesn't actually know what they've seen!

As for checking the RBBP report. What will that prove! for every pair of HB's breeding in Wales, there are probably 2,000-3,000+ pairs of Common Buzzards, so this evidences nothing!

You have previously posted photos of Common Buzzard and asked for clarification on ID (which was provided by these 'arm chair critics'), so its not unreasonable for people to question the ID further.

The simplest thing would be to have the photos posted on this thread (unless you have realised now they don't support your original post?)
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