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Originally Posted by Samandag View Post
Change the Humans First: Principles for Improving the Management of Free-Roaming Cats, free full-text, open access
I admit I skimmed, and it was kinda odd when every time I stopped to deep-read, it was repeating the same concept. Are all research papers like this?

In any case, did I miss something or did this paper not actually tackle the problem of feral cats head-on, but just cover the basics of how to change human behavior? Seemed like the "cat" part was just painted-onto a human behavioral study.

I say "basics" mostly because every time I stopped to read I didn't see much that would surprise, say, a trained marketing person for a consumer packaged goods company.

"The only way to get cat people to stop their cats from destroying ecosystems is to get cat people to change their behavior. Here are some ideas how to figure that out."

I don't mean to be dismissive Samandag, and am curious what your point was. I perhaps missed the point skimming due to lack of time and the yawn-inducing verbosity and repetitiveness of the author.
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