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....and the double standards of cat owners is incredible. To illustrate. I had two rabbits roaming free in my garden. Because my neighbour refuses to repair his broken fence one of them discovered a way into his garden where it would sit soaking up the sun. Presumably for a rabbit the sun was better in his garden than mine. He - the neighbour - asked me to stop him doing that as he was pooing on his lawn so I sorted out his fence and kept the rabbit enclosed.
In the meantime a cat - which at the time I didn't know was his - was, and still is, a regular visitor to my garden day and night where it poos much more offensively and stalks the birds at my feeders.
I really don't think he understood the hypocrisy of his request

I respect the rights of everyone to have a pet as there are no laws against it (now there's a debate for another day) but I do not think pets of any description should be allowed to roam freely where they are a problem to others

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