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I agree with Joachim as usual, secondhand kowa and nikon scopes are the way to go. Opticron should also be considered at this price range, as they may some very good robust and optically sound scopes. On a side note, I actually sold my Swaro ATS65HD to buy both the Nikon ED82 and ED50 scopes, offering more flexibility and the same, if not better image quality.

Here are a few examples roughly within your budget from the UK, you may be able to organise international shipping if you felt like any of these are a worthy option; Kowa 824, Kowa TSN4, Kowa 823, Viking 80AV (same as the Opticron ES80 GA ED), Nikon ED78, and finally a Nikon ED82. All represent excellent value and deliver 90-99% of the view and handling of the very latest and greatest.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your search!
Kind regards, Daniel

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