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Thanks for the Bonelliís stuff and links

Always a pulse-racing species for me - i last saw one as i was watching my still only first Tristramís Warbler in Morocco and one shot through within a Catís whisker of catching the thing

A pity that initial birds fell foul of the utilities I remember a documentary about Golden Eagles in Colorado in the 70ís that had taken to nesting on pylons and their number increased but so did electrocutions. The utility company increasd the gap between the cables to stop the birds forming a circuit and hey presto no more fried Goldies - they even started trimming nests with loppers! This information got passed to similiar scenarios in Utah, Montana and Wyoming

A far cry from when they were hunted in light aircraft by ranchers in the 60ís.
You would have thought that Electric utilities the World over would have the raptor-friendly design uppermost when erecting them? Now we have the Tarifa ĎEagle choppersí to contend with.....

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