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I like my little Kowa 613 and 614...And they're not excessively expensive (I paid $200 and $250 for mine within the past year, although one came without eyepiece). If you go for one, make sure you get a current model eyepiece. The older Kowa Eyepieces, fixed and zoom are just horrible...(Now,that being said I've always been partial to Kowa).

The Kowa TSN 821 is also great, very capable non ED scope as well. They routinely sell for $500 or so w/eyepiece.

Like mentioned above the Fieldscopes are pretty cheap used and work well. I've seen some Fieldscope 2ed's in 60mm angled for 300 and less online. That's a great option.

I might get pounced on for this next suggestion, but I've lately found the Bushnell Elite 20-60x80 to be a fantastic buy in an ED scope. They were once very pricey but I've seen them selling (used) in the $250-450 range.

They are a fantastic Japanese made ED scope providing you throw the factory zoom eyepiece in the trash and buy a Kowa TSN eyepiece....If you're diligent you can put together a world class package for $450-$550.

I'd at least suggest sticking to a known, long life brand in case you need service at some future time.

DWATSONBIRDER, I have noticed that some glass is cheaper in the UK...I've been looking for years for a pair of TSN 823M's and they hardly ever come up for sale. They always bring 1k and up unfortunately.....

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