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Re Tristram’s.....i nearly didn’t see one

I believe at one stage due to their Federal system there was actually a bounty scheme in operation whereby they were classed as vermin and could be shot on sight and the claws/feet handed in - beggars belief really

The situation here has now become a laughing paradox with most raptor numbers at historical highs and the landed gentry that indulge in gamebird rearing doing what the like without any fear of the consequences because there isn’t any We need vicarious liability where people actually go to jail but as we do not send people who commit violent crimes against others to jail there is no hope. Add to that a Judiciary that is thick with landowners and Plods who are as useful as a Chocolate fire-grate and the situation is a farce. The perpetrators just laugh at us as they toast another dead Harrier down the pub - it doesn’t help when they are shot on Sandringham by the Royal Family but hey 50 years ago they were shooting Tigers in India

The recent sight of a Golden Eagle flying off with a pole-trap hanging off of it is a national disgrace - these people are taking the piss and some of us have had enough.....

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