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Great information on this thread! I started a thread in a similar vein yesterday. Im a big fan of older spec but good performers. More and more these days I am going back to 2000's era items for the durability and reliability, including everything from GPS, tents, rifles, range finders, velocity chronographs, rifle scopes etc.

I think something happened after the GFC- companies started putting out more and more disposable garbage to push profits.

Getting tired of getting things delivered and finding it not work when it arrives.

My mother still has a box of old toys from the 1970's and early 80's that work just like new when batteries are inserted. They are now surviving a 2nd generation of kids playing with them, 40 years later. These days if an electronic item lasts 5 years you run about feeling like you have won the lottery.

The current generation is brainwashed into calling quick warranty returns, great customer service. In my day, 'great customer service' just meant the salesman was polite. You never had to deal with the company again because the item lasted decades

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