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Originally Posted by Offman View Post
Hi folks, so yesterday, saw a pigeon at range, then as sun was setting a finch of some sort. Found this outside on walkway this am.Sad. No sign of injury. Didnt feel underweight, its breast had 'meat' on it. Completely freaked out the bridge crew when i brought it in to photograph. Hence outside photos. So, can i add Cretzschmar's Bunting to my list despite its mortality?
Think it's absolutely fine to add it to your 'ship species list' or 'location list' as scientifically the bird occurred there (and presumably in a live state at some point). With the aditional note that it was dead however.

Normally birders wouldn't add it to their personal life or year lists etc however though.

A nice record and interesting other reports too!

Bit sad the other crew were freaked out - how sheltered us humans are becoming!
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