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The specific epithets intermedia, -us, have over 110 entries in the scientific index to HBW Special Volume, 2013, where media, -us, have over 20 entries, and affine, affinis over 80. Note also that in the 19th century many authors, especially the French, created portmanteaux of generic names to indicate resemblance or relationship to two or more different groups. A quick search through my Key MS finds over 100 generic names in this category (not including those of Gregory Mathews, the main culprit in the 20th century). Familiar examples include: Acanthisitta, Ardeotis, Bucorvus, Calendulauda, Carpospiza, Cinnycerthia, Cypsnagra, Embernagra, Euryceros, Fregilupus, Gallicolumba, Gallirallus, Hirundapus, Larosterna, Loxigilla, Muscipipra, Muscisaxicola, Ninox, Pardaliparus, Philepitta, Philesturnus, Picathartes, Plocepasser, Podilymbus, Psaltriparus, Pyrrhuloxia, Surniculus, Sylviparus, Temnotrogon, Tinamotis, Turnagra, Upucerthia, Yungipicus. There was a brief surge amongst extinct Anseriformes, with Anabernicula, Anserobranta, Brantadorna and Cygnanser, and more recent Columbid coinages include Leptotrygon and Zentrygon.
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