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Back to the fray. The only English substantive names that evoke 'small' and immediately spring to mind are Merlin, Monklet, Murrelet, and Sanderling, whilst Bullfinch signifies a 'hefty' finch. There are many many more generic names signifying great, less and small. For those who like lists, another quick search of the Key MS revealed, amongst others, Macroagelaius, Macroceryle, Macrocorax, Macrodura, Macrorthonyx, Magnamytis, Megabyas, Megacentropus, Megacerchneis, Megaceryle, Megacrex, Megadyptes, Megaegotheles, Megalopteryx, Megalcedo, Megalestris, Meganthus, Megapasser, Megaloperdix, Megapodargus, Megapomatorhinus, Megaquiscalus, Megascops, Megastrix, Megathiza, Megatriorchis, Megaxenops, Megazosterops, Mesocarbo, Mesoenas, Mesomorpha, Mesophoyx, Mesopicos, Mesopteryx, Mesoscolopax, Mesositta, Mezobucco, Micralcyone, Micranous, Micrartamus, Micrastur, Micrathene, Micreophona, Microbainopus, Microcarbo, Microcinnyris, Microcochlearius, Microcursorius, Microdyptes, Microdynamis, Microgoura, Microlarus, Micromacronus, Micronisus, Micronumenius, Micropanyptila, Microparra, Microploceus, Micropodargus, Micropogonius, Microptilotis, Microrhopias, Microserinus, Micrositta, Microspingus, Microtribonyx, Microtrogon, Microxenops, Microzalius, Micruria.
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