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Originally Posted by BruceH View Post
This model has small diameter eye cups. You had issues with the Nikon Monarch HG which has eye cups a couple of mm smaller than the Toric which you were used to. So, you may also have issues here. Good news is Cabela's is good about returns and you seem to have no problem in returning a binocular if it does not suit you. It is a very good binocular at a great price but it is not a good deal if it does not fit. Unfortuneately I found the eye cups to short (small) for me and had to pass. The Thorton store shows limited stock which usually means the display model. Give them a call if you want to give it a try. (303) 625-6100 Funny stuff about the wife, maybe you need to set up a second private e-mail account for your purchases!
I just got back from Cabela's and I tried the Euro HD 8x32. It is an impressive binocular. The quality is very much like a Swarovski meaning very high. The focus is smooth but tighter than a Nikon but it is fine. It is very compact in appearance but it is heavier than you think it would be when you pick it up but it only weighs 21 oz. The eyecups are Swarovski 8x32 SV like being very smooth and positive with 3 stops. The optics are excellent with surprisingly sharp edges but not SV sharp at the edge. The view is very Swarovski like with a very sharp on-axis view.The eye cups are comfortable but perhaps a little small. I am not sure until I receive mine and try it longer but they could cause the same problem as the MHG. Because the eye cups are small you tend to insert them further into your eye sockets than a normal size eye cup and that seems to cause a little problem with blackouts because it doesn't match the eye relief but they were better than the MHG's in this respect. They had a new Field Pro Swarovski SV 8x32 in the case which I tried and guess WHAT! Swarovski hasn't changed the focuser one BIT! It is still sticky and it turned easier in the clockwise direction. Same old Swarovski focuser. Very poor! The Field Pro package is very nice with the built in objective covers and integrated strap connections. I don't feel the Swarovski SV had appreciably better optics than the Euro. The SV did have totally sharp edges but then there is that zone in the FOV as you approach the edge that goes slightly out of focus called the Absam Ring so I don't know what is worse. I would almost rather have my out of focus zone at the edge as in the Euro. I felt the Euro was just as bright as the SV. The sales clerk was not aware of the sale on the Euro but said he would match the on-line price but I had already ordered the Euro. The FOV on both felt the same as the specifications are the same. My opinion is the Euro is fantastic bargain if it works for you and your eyes. Time will tell if it works for me.

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