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Originally Posted by Swissboy View Post
I'll visit Chicago in the first week of June. On previous visits, which were either earlier or in the fall, I never managed to find Dickcissels. This time, I think they should be around. Any suggestions where my chances are particularly good. I imagine driving south or west should increase the chances?
Well, I'm back from my trip. Dickcissels were plenty at Midewin in the area of the Henslow Trail. There were also quite a few Bobolinks which I particularly love. Such handsome chaps! Henslow Sparrow, however, was easier at Goose Lake. Still needed a bit of tape help for that fellow, however. I very much liked both areas just for their fine prairie feeling. Good to see these well managed, as far as I can tell.

The book suggested above was a great help for preparing my trip. And it should be most helpful for future visits to the area as well. This time, there were just two days of birding.
--PS: That's a Sooty Falcon on the avatar, photo taken near Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. My highest priority raptor at the time.
What's your species on the avatar? I often have no clue

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