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Originally Posted by cango View Post
Perhaps. Perhaps not. But for me I think so :-)

A hide for water birds, to zoom "with my feet". And a shorter - the ts apo 480mm, for a wider view. Though it might be to long, but it all depends.

Had planned to build a home made "Hidrohide" first - even bought all the materials - til I stumbled across "MrJan". The portability of the project (or lack of) was what kept me from building my own. Now I can inflate it on site in 5 minutes, and ready to go.

But the main thing up here (or down) is to keep warm in the waters after the ice on the lakes have melted away, late feb/mars. for that a dry suit is needed.
Thankfully we have no alligators/crocs or hippos...

the telt cover is home made of materials I already had.
Looks cool. Chest waders (neoprene) may be enough (and cheaper than dry suits) but you go that way you need to assess the risk venturing too far into too deep water... So after all a dry suit is probably better as it also provides some boyancy. What's the plan if you lose contact with bottom, by the way? Beware of off-shore winds...

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