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Interesting point, Frank.

And even more interesting, Norm. Vixen are a known serial OEM (or rather a brand that is now OEMed by Bosma) so Opticron (the UK OEM rebadgers ... you can tell by the black and white stripes on the muzzles of the optics designers) would be a obvious choice for the "same" bin (except for cosmetics perhaps). And the spec matches up even the odd weight and the very close focus.

The Opticron is phase-coated but that would be a menu pick at the OEM, I think. Vixen also sell their Apex range which is PC so perhaps they didn't want to muddy the waters.

For a Brit (well a UK resident, as I'm a Brit) that would be a rather good buy for a portable 8x32.

Has it been reviewed?
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