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Originally Posted by Binastro View Post
What is missing are 2 weights that should be supplied free so that one can improve biceps etc.

I have never been able to decide whether the variable prisms become more opaque with time, say ten years, and if transmission is reduced.

It could equally be that my eyes transmit less over the last 15 years.
Canon recommends at least an hour of binocular hoisting daily for well toned biceps.

The transmission question is an open issue. My almost 10 year old 10x42 is showing signs of age, the objective cover glass fogs up when going outside on colder days (-10 C or lower) and they also seem a little hazy in some light conditions. Kimmo noted that his newer unit had improved transmission, but that may reflect newer coatings rather than aging variable prism material. Does anyone know what they are made of?
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