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Originally Posted by Katy Penland
What's the buzz on this book, anybody know? I just got a mailer from NG about its availability, which also says it's only available (for now, anyway) via mail order. 950 species covered in 704 pages, hardbound, intended as a companion reference to the field guide. Edited by Jonathan Alderfer, it comes in two different editions, one with a padded cover ("deluxe") that costs $15 more than the "regular exclusive edition", which is going for $40. Would love to know if anyone's bought this yet or heard anything about how good it is.
I also got this mailer ... seemed like a good deal. Sent it in, ordering the cheaper version(higher in Canada than the U.S.)... notice said it would take about 3-4 weeks to deliver ... that was about two months ago.

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