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Hi Ashley,

Harry is right, start with honing your drawing skills.

Find a subject that is easy to observe, like the feral pigeons in the local park for example, and fill cheap sketchbooks with sketches. Whatever you do don't buy an expensive sketchbook, you'll be scared to use it, always thinking you're going to 'waste' paper. I use photocopier paper which I ringbind into 'books'.

There are loads of books on watercolour technique and there are books on bird drawing/painting but the best way to learn IMHO is to do it for yourself, experiment and learn from your mistakes.

Art of any kind is a journey, and the way is full of ups and downs. You will have days when you feel like throwing your paints and sketches into the nearest deep lake, and others when you want to show the whole world what you have achieved.

Stick with it, and practice, practice, practice, draw all the time. Don't worry about what other people think, it's about you enjoying the journey and if you are lucky others will enjoy your vision of the world but remember that not everybody will.

Have fun!

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