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Originally Posted by johnf3f View Post
I did consider marking the legs of my GT4542LS - until I found that they were already marked! I tried it at the "Marked" height and it was just about right = brilliant! However I had been setting it up quicker before I was told that these marks existed!

Seriously it is quicker to learn how far to extend the legs than to wait for "Tippex" to dry fully - 2/3 minutes? As said I have this "Feature" on my tripod and it is completely useless! Yes it, coincidentally, gives me just the right height for level surfaces - but it is so much quicker to just guesstimate and easier too!

We are all different and it is down to what works best for you, but theses (etched?) markings just slow me down!
You only mark it once - at home. Not every time you extend the legs! It stays in place for about 6 months, i've found. Then you just remark it. Dries in about a minute, put isn't fully permanent if you change your mind.
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