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Originally Posted by paddy7 View Post
You only mark it once - at home. Not every time you extend the legs! It stays in place for about 6 months, i've found. Then you just remark it. Dries in about a minute, put isn't fully permanent if you change your mind.
What I was trying to get at is that it is quicker and easier to learn how far to extend the legs rather than faffing about with markers/tippex etc. Also using marks only works on flattish surfaces and where the subject is at a consistent height. Whereas look, guesstimate, extend works on all terrain and for all the expected subject angles that your tripod will allow.

Been doing this for a while (9+ years) with Systematics (no center column) and it is the fastest method I have encountered. I do have two tripods with center columns but I VERY rarely extend them - just too slow to set up!

As I mentioned my GT4542LS does have marks on the legs that are just right for much of my use, but it is simpler/easier and quicker to just guesstimate! Which is why I didn't even know the marking were there for 3 months! I gave then a try - too slow too fiddly and can't compensate for uneven surfaces.

Just my experiences - it is quick, easy, reliable and adaptable. If you feel that marking your tripod will give you an advantage then go for it, it certainly doesn't work for me.
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