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Originally Posted by Deb Burhinus View Post
Weren’t you right the first time Steve? By April, 2cy ring plovers would show either black on nape or rear collar and orange leg colour would they not? Leg colour rules out adult ringed plover of either sex (orange legs in winter plumage too?) A 2cy Kentish would have worn flight feathers in spring cf adult (pre-breeding moult) but otherwise very similar (do these look worn?). Are the l.covs retained juveniles feathers too? Structurely, I see leggy with long thin bill.
The base of the lower mandible seems to be contrastingly pale, which would be better for RP it also looks broad based for KP. The legs are muddy, so leg colour is obscured. The crown seems quite rounded to me for KP too though the primary projecton looks short for RP and better for KP. All what you say makes sense though, I'd thought about the worn plumage and thought about an imm. (2nd cal yr) female RP with bleached plumage. I have been watching fledglings and adult (not quite of flying size) KPs running around today and thought about this ID request. I'm undecided and for such a photo I'm finding this really tricky

No more photos?
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