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Originally Posted by geordie graham View Post
I am using the current settings on my K10D with the Bigma and I am not totally satisfied with the results,
AV Mode
ISO 200-400 where possible
Spot Focus
Spot metering
F8 where possible
Bigma set at about 450mm

Any ideas or suggestions warmly accepted.Maybe I am expecting to much?.

Hi Graham,
What seems to be the problem? not sharp/too dark?
I have a Bigma and find it great but it really needs to be used with some sort of support ie beanbag/tripod/monopod etc.
Why not post a picture your not happy with and maybe someone on here may be able to let you know what's up if anything? I too find myself unhappy with some shots but the Bigmas can and do produce some amazing shots (just look at some of them on the forum) but 99% of them will have scrapped most shots and kept the goodies LoL
Ps Aint Wildlife Brilliant? Too Right!
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