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Welcome to the forum.

If you spend any time on the forum you will quickly realise that contributors differ widely in their ability to distinguish specific binocular characteristics. Leaving aside the mechanical variables, like you found on the Hawkes, I've heard many individuals admit that they cannot tell one binocular from another from the view alone. Those in trade tell me most choose a model primarily on ergonomics, not the quality of view, but brand and/or price are often the other deciding factors

While you might not be able to see the difference between the Opticron and Hawke be assured that others can. Did you ask your daughter? Age and gender if nothing else may well give her an advantage.

I would suggest there is a fairly big step in optical quality between the Discovery and the Sapphire ED, and it sounds like further improvements on the optical front are probably not what you are looking for, but build quality might be high on your agenda. Models Like the Opticron Natura ED, Countryman HD+, Imagic VHD and DBA VHD are made in Japan and should have fewer QC issues and better logevity than the Hawkes. What other brands are available where you are?

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