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I have replied to David privately. However, I will state here that I do not base my comparative test on 'suggestions' or what the trade tell me. Please, what the trade tell you is what they want you to hear. As for people not choosing binos for the view. BINOS ARE SOLD FOR THEIR VIEW.

As for gender differences in checking image quality, have you actually read back what you wrote. I have worked alongside and managed female and male optical out inspectors and have never encountered that.

Might be better if you did not assume, suggest or listen to the trade, so much. But rather actually write from experience. Mine was approx 20 years of optronics. Yes, there are differences in better coatings, ED glass etc. The point is whether the purchaser can tell the difference.

Also, I am interested in value for money, not necessarily build quality over optical quality or vice versa. I thought my post was clear enough to show that.

The whole point of my post was for people who are unfamiliar with binoculars and who want them for general viewing at the best value for money. Although, my advice as to how to choose those binos works equally well for those who cannot see much difference, as for those 'experts' who can.

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