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I am leaving this forum as stated in my last reply to David. However, although not exactly a scientific method, it is strange that, when Lee posted those bino brands and models, there was not one in price anywhere near the Vortex Viper HD/Nikon Monarch 5 or 7/ZeissTerra etc, which are very approx 350-600. Bearing in mind the cost of the Discovery, I can believe it when I read about people on the web, who state their binos are as good image quality wise with binos costing 2-3 times as much. Nikon 5/7 owners come to mind (but not exclusively). However, have they even tried even cheaper 'good quality' binos to really compare with the Nikons?

I will say again people, just try your chosen binos using the method I posted and get value for money. Whether you end up with a cheaper or more expensive pair, is up to you. But at least you will definitely know, instead of 'assumed' knowledge, what the trade tell you, or biased opinions from some online reveiwers with affiliations to brands.

Trust your own eyes!

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