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Originally Posted by wdc View Post
Bruce, your experience with the 10x42 gives me some hope, and the price is admittedly hard to beat. I ordered one. It'll be here next week. Hopefully it won't immediately self-destruct the way Dennis' Cabelas Euro just did. First issue will be the eye relief. I am also interested to learn whether a larger binocular with 18mm E.R. will show me a wide FOV more often than the smaller sized bins seem willing to do, regardless of eye relief. I don't mean objective size, I mean physical size, which may have a direct correlation to focal length and eye piece design. After that some field work to see how it holds up and feels to carry and use for a few hours.

As a footnote, a few weeks ago I was able to try out a Zeiss 8x42 SF in a store, and was able to see the entire FOV, with a sharp edge, so I know it is possible to get a wide fov, with eye relief that works for me.

Research continues...

UPS ground tracking says mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow (Saturday) 11/11/2017. I did not think UPS delivered on Saturdays unless this is a holiday season change. Tracking only shows a UPS style number, no Post Office number so it looks to be strictly UPS. The Post Office will be closed anyway for Veterans Day. I will let you know how the focus mechanism checks out once I get it. Hopefully our luck is better than what Dennis had!

I have read some posts where folks had to extend the eye cup on the SF one position with eye glasses to keep from getting black outs so I can see why you had good success with it.
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