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Originally Posted by Samandag View Post
I originally posted my Rule No.1 in reply to a comment by Bill / WJC and I'm glad it's stuck !

It applies to us all : ' Rule No.1 : "value is what you think it is". We all cut our cloth according to our means. '

Hopefully the Nikon Prostaff 7Ss will on sale soon.

There may be some interesting comparisons to be made now that the new Vanguard Endeavour ED2 is available.

As ever only you can judge what works for you.

And, no, I'm not Turkish

Enjoy the Summer !
Summer? I"m still waiting for spring to arrive. 60* F high and raining tomorrow.

You don't have to be Turkish to enjoy Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Hadn't eaten some since I was a kid, didn't know they still made it, but then a local chocolatier started carrying it. You chill it in a freezer and then slam it down on the table and it breaks into small bite-sized pieces.

As to your dictum above, my cloth is cut from burlap. What kind of binocular should I buy based on that fabric?

As to an Anglo calling himself (or herself, your avatar looks feminine) by a Turkish name, Call me Ishmael!


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