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With all the tourist things wrapped up, and having still not had our bags due to the carnage at JFK - truly the worst airport I've ever experienced, we headed out on the underground and overshot the airport for a walk round Jamaica bay wildlife reserve.

I had envisaged a place teeming with wildfowl and particularly wanted to catch up with Snow goose - apparently abundant in the area. Although there were lots of ducks in the channel, mostly Buffleheads and red breasted mergansers, the bay was still completely frozen despite several milder days.

As such, a walk round the west lake focussed entirely on Passerines and no Snow geese were seen at all but my American sparrow list is somewhat improved!

101. (47.) Great blue heron - a single bird viewed by a small patch of unfrozen water as we left the station.
102. (48.) SONG SPARROW - seemingly the most common sparrow here, at least in winter
103. (49.) Yellow rumped warbler
104. (50.) FIELD SPARROW - not supposed to be here at all in winter according to the literature but I has excellent views of two birds together after a bit of Pshing.
105. (51.) Grey catbird
106. (52.) AMERICAN TREE SPARROW - Just one, very skulky.
107. (53.) Boat tailed grackle - a sizeable flock back towards the houses by the station was the last bird of the trip.

14 Lifers from a non-birding city break was way more than I dared hope for. A fantastic trip marred by JFK airport's inability to sort baggage or tell the truth - I thought America had a reputation for customer service but it was not apparent here.
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