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Slow video triggers

It does seem that fast trigger speeds for videos are not a priority for trail camera manufacturers, but it should be remembered that these are not 'high tech' bits of kit like a DSLR.

They're fairly basic multi-functional cameras that 'do the job', unless you're happy paying much more for something like a Reconyx.

Thanks for ordering your power lead from us, Mary, but as you say: nobody else supplies them. I'm sorry you feel they're expensive, but they're a special item that costs us several pounds, so when you add the cost of postage there's not much profit in there for us.

We have our own forum if anyone here is interested.

I also offer camera trapping trips to south east Poland where there are wolf, lynx, wild boar and beaver as well as pine marten and wildcat.

If you have any questions about Acorn, Bushnell or Spypoint cameras I'll try to answer them for you.

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