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Originally Posted by Mary View Post
Interesting report, Torchepot, thanks. We find much the same as you with a recent Bushnell purchase for the garden ( to replace old Acorns that aren't reliable any more). We'd started using an external battery, and bought a lead to fit from The price seems a bit steep, but no-one else does them. However, o/h has now got some plugs and spade connectors, so when he gets round to getting some wire, he'll make his own!
Agree about the trigger time, but they all seem to be the same. Also, we find temperature affects what will trigger them at different times. Sometimes a frog/mouse will set them off, other times not. Have got some good Hedgehog films! They're not always cute & cuddly!
Hi Mary

I am thinking of purchasing this lead for my Bushnell Agressor low glow. Have you actually used it on your Busnhnell as i was wondering if the polarity was the same?I have spoken to Martin from Wild life services and was not too sure about the polarity of the plugs.


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