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Originally Posted by AlbertoJ View Post
Hello, speaking from my personal opinion and experience:

-Top level (Alpha) binoculars:Swarovski EL, Zeiss Sf, Leica Noctivid.

Someone may not like rolling ball effect, flare, ergonomics, size, ... , of some of them.
But in my opininion, these 3 binoculars are the best available optics today, not only at the edges but also at the center of field, with better spherical aberration and better overall image as a whole.

-Second level ( Betta) binoculars: Swarovski SLC, Zeiss HT/FL, Leica Ultravid HD+, Nikon EDG.

Alpha and betta binoculars are at the same mechanical level (except SLC).

-Third level ( Gamma) binoculars:Swarovski CL, Zeiss Conquest, Leica Trinovid, Nikon HG, Kowa Genesis, Nikon SE/EII.

-Fourth level (Delta) binoculars:Zeiss Terra, Nikon Monarch, ...
Jeez! Third rate ! Don't let Bill see that ! :)

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