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Originally Posted by Purple Heron View Post
@ Borjam You are really fixated on radar. Radar shares certain characteristics with, but is not the same as, mobile phone radiation. Read the Panagopoulos paper.
I am fixated on radar because the frequencies it uses are several times higher than WiFi, mobile phones, etc, and the transmission powers are enormous.

@ everyone else I don't have the link to that study. Borjam, I know that study thinks that 4G, Wi-Fi etc is not affecting insects but 5G will; Panagopoulos would disagree strongly, given his research on fruit flies. He would say that any pulsed EMR (regardless of G) is the problem;
Now I don't follow. Panagopoulos says that radar is not a problem. But he says that any pulsed EMR is harmful. Most radars, except maybe for some specialized weapon control systems are pulsed. (Some Doppler radars).

Borjam, I don't think that the issue is quite so simple as "Install 5G to get rid of insect pests" though at the end of the day, it might be (not much 5G installed yet)--provided you also want to get rid of pollinators at the same time.
I was being sarcastic of course :)

For silverfish I've found out that the best kryptonite is low moisture. A dehumidifier can make your house a really unpleasant place for them. My population crashed when I dismantled the aquarium.

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