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It depends on how much time and energy you have, and the terrain and weather of course. I've occasionally done walks of up to 20 km and possibly more, but that takes the better part of a day, and it's not something I'd do every weekend. Depending on the route, it can be worth it, as you might find a few additional species you'd miss if simply zooming from one "hot spot" to another with a car (I've gotten ~100 bird species on a walk here in my state once, at this time of year). Plus, a long trek can offer more scenic views of the landscape and it's obviously more environmentally friendly than birding by car. That said, I wouldn't do it if the landscape were boring or if I had to walk along a busy road for longer stretches.

Originally Posted by peter.jones View Post
Ask yourself, is there any species in (west) Europe that you need to walk 10km from the car to see?
Yes, if you don't have a car, or if you don't want to use one because it wouldn't be economically viable.

After a while in those conditions, most of us would be thinking survival as opposed to focussed on birding!
Can't say I've ever been to Majorca, but I'd imagine the weather to be milder during the winter?

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