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Originally Posted by nigelwright7557
This is a lovely walk and I would thoroughly recommend it.
I spotted a Kingfisher on the walk at the Threlkeld end a year or so back.

I believe they want to reinstate the railway but that the footpath would be diverted.
There are many pictures of the walk at
Welcome to BirdForum, Nigel - glad you found us.

Penrith is my home town, though I only get to visit once a year these days, when I go to see my parents. My husband is a railway enthusiast, so we're always interested in the rumours about reinstating the Keswick line. It's a pity they didn't think of its possible popularity as a tourist attraction all those years ago when it was first closed.

Still haven't got a Kingfisher in the UK, but did get our life Dippers on the Greta.
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