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Originally Posted by Calalp View Post
”Ce beau cacique habite le Mexique. Il se trouve maintenant dans les galeries du Muséum et dans le cabinet de M. le duc de Rivoli. L’individu que nous avons figuré, nous a été communiqué par M. Florent Prevost, et rappelle le nom d’un cacique mexicain que l’histoire a rendu célèbre”.
"This beautiful cacique inhabits Mexico. It is now found in the galeries of the Museum and in the cabinet of the Duke of Rivoli. The individual that we have figured, was communicated to us by Mr. Florent Prevost, and recalls the name of a Mexican cacique, that history made famous."

(The French spelling is "cacique" for the Amerindian leader, but can be either "cacique" or "cassique" for the bird [the latter is officially used in bird lists, but the former remains accepted by dictionaries--eg. Larousse; in French, "cassique" covers birds called caciques and oropendolas in English]. Both have the same pronunciation in French; "casique" would sound different.)

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