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Originally Posted by jremmons View Post
Oh I certainly realize this - I think I've owned and sold like 15 pairs of binoculars at various price points. The big reason I asked this was that the Maven is not something easily testable outside of the demo option, so I was mostly asking for just general opinions, as I've not seen these compared much despite similar specifications, price, etc.

15 pairs! Is that all? I have probably had over 100 pairs at least over the last ten years. I have 9 pair right now. SV 8.5x42, SV 8x32, SV 10x32, Habicht 10x40 W, Habicht 8x30 W, Swarovski 8x25 CL-P, Nikon 8x30 EII, Leica Ultravid 8x20 and the Nikon Micron 7x15 Reverse Porro.
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