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Originally Posted by Caty on the Bay
Are the 10x25 Leica Ultravids one of the best binocular buys for the price? They seem to be perfoming better than expected by some guys around here for the size.

Considering that you can get a 10x25 Nikon LXL for over $200 less, no the Leica probably does not qualify as "the best binocular for the price."

The Leica may indeed be the overall best mini-binocular, but you do pay a premium for it and any optical differences between these two jewels are going to be so small that I would doubt there are many people who could truthfully see them.

Ergonomics are a different thing alltogether and only you can decide if the oft lauded oversized focus knob on the Leica (rather than the somewhat unfamiliar styling of the Nikon's focus knob) is worth the extra $$$$$.

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