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Originally Posted by PeterPS View Post
Canip and Holger:

Perhaps a relatively minor aspect but one reviewer complained about side light affecting the view, and felt the need of using winged eyecups. Are the eyecups of the WX comfortable and can you squeeze them into your eye sockets? (they appear to have a relatively large diameter).

Thanks, Peter

Hello Peter,

I have experienced such a situation when the sun was low and at a certain angle behind my head - its light got caught by the huge eye-lens and caused some reflections. The eyepiece diameter is too large to be accommodated by the eye-sockets - the eyecups rest on the eye-brows instead. Winged eyecups may be useful in certain, but rare situations.

For astronomy, I used the WX mounted on a tripod but didn't enjoy that much. It is best used hand held while lying on a deck chair or even flat on the ground.

In my humble opinion, Nikon should consider making another, scaled-down 7x35 WX with 10-11 angle and sharp to the edges, that would be about perfect in terms of weight/performance.

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