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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
The 32mm SF will most likely be a scaled down version of the 42mm SF just like the 32mm FL is a scaled down version of the 42mm FL. It will use field flatteners, a magnesium body and have the weight forward balance of the bigger SF. The FL is definitely in need of an update to keep up with the technology. It will have a more ergonomic design just like the bigger SF and a bigger FOV. I would guess on the new SF 8x32 Zeiss would reach for at least a 450 foot FOV if not more. I don't see it weighing anymore than the current FL and maybe less with a slimmer design even though it will be magnesium. Zeiss is very forward thinking so you could see some totally new technology used. It will be a very exciting binocular.
Dennis, I think you wrote this at a dizzying altitude way up in the Rockies , or you've been hanging out with folk who indulge in Colorado's "liberal" laws just a bit too much , coz that statement is just a little *ssbackwards (about 100% ! :). I know what you meant though

It's good to see that copious amounts of $ spent by the Zeiss Marketing team, and the endless volumes written by it's 'brand ambassadors' haven't gone to waste - NOT !

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