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Ultimate Madagascar: ALL the endemics Nov/Dec 2017

....ok, maybe not Dusky Tetraka, but everything else!

Hi all,

I've put together an itinerary that should produce all of Madagascar's endemics except the tetraka (if anyone has a spot let me know!). Originally another couple was supposed to join my wife and I, but unfortunately work commitments have lead them to cancel on us. We are looking for two more experienced birders who are willing to be out in the field all day every day. Ideally we are looking for two people for the whole trip, but if you're interested in just one section, that could probably work too. This is an independent trip, but as is the nature of Madagascar, we will use local guides at almost all sites since they are mandatory. We plan on using a hired vehicle/driver the entire time as well. I've already done preliminary logistics and have found drivers for each section. Prices range around US $70 per day, so splitting that four ways will be cheap.

Overall, I think the 35 day trip should cost around around $2000-$2500 per person not including some internal airfare (this is of course a rough estimate so don't hold me to that).

Accommodation will be in cheap hotels or camping when possible.

Below is the itinerary. I am not flexible on dates, as I've already booked tickets etc.

Oct 31: Arrive Tana
Nov 1-3: Tsingy Wood-Rail trip
Nov 4-8: Andsibe area
Nov 9-20: Northern Madagascar to include Red Owl/Pochard/Bernier's Teal/Sakalava Rail
Nov 21-25: SE Madagascar
Nov 26-30: SW Madagascar
Dec 1-4: Ranomafana area
Dec 5: flight out

Although I'm not gauranteeing that we will get all of the endemics, I feel the itinerary gives enough time at all the key locations that I do expect to clean up in the country. So if you're interested in birding Madagascar and doing it cheaply, let me know!

Check out for info on my previous birding trips.


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