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Originally Posted by Snel View Post
Some years ago there was a major shake up in our local water authority and one of the old hands was given the "you may leave" technique, he had in his possession drawings of all the underground water and sewerage distribution, he asked the water people what they wanted him to do with all this stuff they told him to dispose of it. It turned out that the drawings were the only record so these days when something goes wrong they dig up all and sundry.

I think the manufacturers are likewise missing out here Tony.
It's the way of the world, where cash is - unfortunately - King these days. Older employees with a lifetime of experience are 'let go' and young, inexperienced staff set on their place to save money/boost profits. When a crisis happens demanding experience, they are forced to pay out megabucks to consultants for a solution as the knowledge is no longer held in house! I'm sure it'll be felt more & more in the future as robotics & AI become established in the workplace, despite what we are told.

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