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Hi all -

Now in Swinouje with 2 full days.

Not an early start due to the traveling ystda on not only the longest day but my girlfriend’s birthday and she didn’t getto have her first beer until 1830 but we made up for it

Missed Icterine Warbler off the list with a single adult seen on a mid-distance shrub at Biebrza. A handful of species seen since then and looking forward to adding more today and tomorrow. The area looks superb on Google Earth. The free ferry is only 500 yards from our hotel and is 10 mins from the Nbr #5 bus that goes to the reserve area We have some unused Euros so intend to invade Germany with them at some stage as the nearest town is 2 stops on the train...

Re: the binoculars.
It is one of several pairs that i have - when you get to a certain age you do tend to acquire them. These are my go to when crepuscular light-gathering, in addition to daytime use, is required. Heavier than the Nitro-filled Opticrons i use day to day now but if they could speak

They are Zeiss West 7x42 BGAT and i bought them for the eye-watering sum of £400 back in 1980 to make the first of my annual visits to the Scillies (that lasted until 1989). I also twitched extensively during this Golden decade so just picking them up brings back memories. When i arrived on Scilly the model had only just come out and everybody wanted to look through them at literally anything that moved. The heat was taken off of me the second week as a group of upstarts had arrived on St Marys to mooch around with David Hunt (pre Tigergate of course) the 3 Stooges being..........Peter Grant, Lars (Lurch) Jonsson and Killian Mullarney - all sporting a pair! Needless to say i became a member...or did they of a very exclusive club and i had a nice discussion over the merits of them. Lars Svensson was also with them and kindly signed my copy of his Ringing guide

To finish - as breakfast and birding calls.....

Last year a non-birding mate, who works for a subsidiary of Zeiss, clocked them and said he could get them serviced for nothing but they will be over 30 years old. I said that when i bought these it was a lifetime guarantee under normal use. Serial details were given, duly wrapped and transported by DHL to the optical glass Mecca or will it be Valhalla of Oberkochen aka ZiessTown. 6 weeks later they were returned with new eye-caps (the originals had long since perished and one of the replacements unscrewed a week later!). New rain-guard, new neck lanyard and a box of Ziess goodies including 200 lens wipes. All gratis and all i had to do was write a couple of hundred words on what i had done, where i had been and what i have seen through them - you could imagine how difficult a 200 word limit was It was for possible inclusion in their house magazine at some stage.

Penning it reminded me of Rutger Hauer’s dying scene in Bladerunner:
‘i’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe’

All the best for now and good birding -

Chance favours the prepared mind
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