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Originally Posted by Richard Klim View Post
All proposals in 2009-B/C/D/E are still shown as pending - the AOU website clearly hasn't been updated yet.

Hiemalis has been elevated as per proposal 2009-E-1, and the adopted names were one of the options in supplementary proposal 2009-E-1 supp.

But if there's enough adverse reaction...

Wouldn't that be nice!

I just took a look at the supplemental proposal on common names and I think I see what the problem was. They considered only sets of bad choices. What was wrong with Boreal Wren / Pacific Wren conserving "Winter Wren" for the species pair?

I think I've finally got Polioptilidae and Calcariidae correctly placed, but this placement seems to differ from the original proposals. Originally the Gnatcatchers were to go before the Wrens instead of after; and the Longspurs were to take the entire Fringillidae with them when moved up before the American Wood Warblers. I must say, having the longspurs and Snow Bunting by themselves in front of the warblers seems truly odd.
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