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Originally Posted by Kirk Roth View Post
Peucaea = "Pyoo-say-uh"
Here is my favorite cheatsheet to latin pronunciation -
The last page has a nifty chart. Northern Continental style is (supposed to be!) the one used in biology.
I'm probably in a distinct minority in the English-speaking world, but I still prefer classical Latin (hard C/G etc), as advocated for pronunciation of scientific names by A.G. Blunt recently in British Birds. Perhaps it's just the fond but distant memories of Latin classes at school (mostly long forgotten), or a reaction against strangulated Anglicised Latin where, eg, vowel and dipthong sounds seem to be randomly transposed from those used in Latin-based languages, limiting the use of scientific names as a basis for common communication.

But at least in the case of Peucaea, the derivation from Greek peuke (Jobling 2010) is surely further reason to use a hard C.


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