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Originally Posted by stuartg View Post
Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before. Last year I bought a Swarovski 95. Still reeling from the cost of this I bought a new, lighter tripod at the cheaper end of the scale. It is not really fit for purpose. I would now like to invest in carbon fibre tripod and a head that gives a nice steady base for the scope, ideally I would like the head to take the fitting on the scope without the need to add a plate. Any advice gratefully received.
I would recommend a video head that takes a longer plate of arca swiss style. Then you can balance your equipment to some extent. The marvelous ATX 95mm is quite front heavy for some reason..

For example this one

I have seen people struggling with the ATX95 and a MANFROTTO 128RC but I won't recommend it.

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