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From the replies I have had from birders on the MEB (middle east) network only a few believe this to be Upcher's - Olivaceous is the popular choice but not the only one. On EBN - I have recieved an even greater variety of species for consideration - many from of these replies are from highly respected birders. The problem with these photographs is the light and the fact that vegetation obscures some of the key identifying species - I personally think it is indeed a Hippolais but I don't think I can commit beyond that and I have not ruled out Booted warbler either. AJ has sent me some other images of the bird in question but they are not quality pictures hence I will put them up on the following page
see also for Booted Warbler
Status of species locally - Upcher's, Booted, Marsh, Garden, Reed, Whitethroats and even the odd Willow are passing at the moment, but Olivaceous a migrant summer breeding species are most numerous.

When I spoke to AJ he told me "the tail was being flicked up and down" so tomorrow morning I will go out into my garden and watch the Olivaceous warblers breeding there to observe any tail movements.

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