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Originally Posted by PYRTLE View Post
Jape - joke
Vernal - Spring
( had to look them up too )
BBC Podcast with Kate Humble about this seldom heard bird....? April Fool
Even that touchy-feely publication, the International Business Times published in 2015 a short paean on celebrating the vernal season in poetry:

"First Day Of Spring Poems: Celebrate The March 20 Vernal Equinox With Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson Writings"

Extracts from six poets are listed, including one from old Bysshe's The Sensitive Plant, (1820)...
The fuzziness of all supposedly absolute taxonomic distinctions - Stephen Jay Gould (1977) "Ever Since Darwin: Reflections in Natural History".
Species and subspecies are but a convenient fiction - Kees van Deemter (2010), "In praise of vagueness". Biology is messy
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