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Originally Posted by Dorian Gray View Post
What well known problem are you referring to?
There is a lengthy discussion about this somewhere in the basement files of this website. To the best of my recollection it involved a "wandering" diopter. In 4 years of use I never experienced a "wandering" diopter problem with my own 10x32 1st version EDG.

I don't recall anything being resolved about the issue of this "wandering" diopter. One of the reasons probably was because it was not a problem in the EDGs that Nikon released in Europe in 2010.

The first version of the EDG was only sold in North America from 2007 to 2010. The second version was first introduced in Europe and then made its way to North America. You can find a short comment about this in the 1911 Allbinos review of the 10x42 EDG here:

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