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The Nikon EDG and HG-L models I’ve used have had:
  • a fully retracted position for eyeglass wearers
  • a long gap until…
  • a tight cluster of positions for fine-tuning observation with the naked eye.
In contrast, the non-Nikon binoculars I’ve used have had a more sensible arrangement of evenly spaced click stops.

The Nikon design strikes me as worse, because it is precisely eyeglass wearers who need the finest adjustment. If you’re bracing the eyecup against your bare face (forehead, eye socket, stabilising thumbs, etc.), it’s easy to tilt your head up and down to fine-tune the eye relief.

This is not reasonably possible when wearing glasses, mainly because glasses introduce optical aberrations when viewing off axis. For the best view you need to look straight through your glasses.

The O-ring is a good trick, though. Not elegant, but some might say Nikons aren’t at the best of times!

(By the way, I think Nikon binoculars are wonderful and have two: an HG L and an SE, both in 8x32. I haven’t had a Teutonic alpha for ages. Out of my price range!)
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