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Originally Posted by JoeJ View Post
I have an opportunity to purchase a used Nikon EDG 8X42 1st version in great shape at a decent price but would like opinions from seasoned bino users as to their optical performance against the EDG II or the MHG's. Any assistance would be appreciated.
From my readings and personal experience, I believe the optics between the EDG-I and EDG-II are the same. The EDG-II build is more trouble free as the EDG-I has more cover issues and early production has had an issue with a slipping diopter. There have also been some reports of the same issues with the EDG-II but not nearly as many.

I am not sure how Nikon would handle a repair. The warranty is for the original owner but they have a no fault policy that has changed multiple times over the years. A used binocular would fall outside of the warranty but may be covered under the no fault policy. I have called and asked but seem to get different answers from different people. Also being a policy, they can change it at any time. If you ask about the no fault policy, then it would be best to do it via e-mail so you have something in writing.

I have a Nikon EDG-I 10X32 brought new and have not had any issues but it does not get heavy use.

I assume that MHG means the new Nikon Monarch HG model in a 8X42. I have the 8X42 Monarch HG but I have not compared it to an EDG 8X42. I have compared it to an EDG-II 8X32. The EDG has a little more contrast and a larger center view almost edge to edge. The Monarch HG has lens flatteners but it does not have edge to edge sharpness. It does have a nice large center view and it does have a noticeably larger FOV at 435 ft. It is also noticeably lighter and smaller than the EDG 42 mm models but not as small and light as the 32mm EDG. The Monarch HG has great handling and I find the smaller size and lighter weight compared to the 42mm EDG makes it easy to get a steady hold.
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